Hidden Symmetry Photography was seeded in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island upon being laid off from my corporate city job. Prior to what was revealed within, I had no direct intention of capturing what proceeded to unfold. It had been 17 years since I had been there, which was my first time as a child. I remember being amazed by the majestically vast ancient trees. I proceed to walk through the grove with my “magic camera”, which was “dying” to be plugged in. As I started taking photos with the sacred mirror function, a function to which I had only played around with prior, the voice in my head told me to pan up toward the forest canopy. That was when I captured a sequence of pictures that include “The Cathedrals Serpent” and “Saluting The Spirit”. Photos which cry out at the sacredness within nature, depicting infinite totem poles, revealing beings of light and creatures of the underworld.

Michael James Hedivan